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How to Use&Collaborate Version Control in PDFfiller
  • How to Export Your Documents with Save As in pdfFiller
    Export the document you’ve edited with pdfFiller to your computer. Choose the desired document format: PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel. You can save separate pages or the entire document.
  • How to Collaboratively Edit a Document with Share on pdfFiller
    Invite up to 10 people to collaboratively edit documents in pdfFiller. Set editing permissions for each recipient. You can view all changes made to the document, edit, eSign, print or save it.
  • How to Use Versions in pdfFiller
    Keep track of all document changes with version control. All edits are tracked and can be viewed any time. You can easily restore any previous version of the document whenever you need to.
  • How to Retrieve Submitted LinkToFill Documents in pdfFiller
    With pdfFiller you can keep track of your submitted documents. Retrieve submitted copies, view or download them to your device. Set email notifications to be alerted when your document is submitted.
  • How to Add and Adjust Notes in the pdfFiller Editor
    Make communication with others easy by adding sticky notes to your document. Type your comment, adjust the text’s font and size to your needs. You can also resize the sticky and change its color.